Rent to Own

“Get Started on a bike this weekend for $99.00 down – $99.00 per month”,
“Trade in your Rent to Own bike and get up to $700 toward a new bike next summer”,

“Do Your Research to find and fit your E-Bike”

There is nothing worse than buyer’s remorse, let’s make sure you are getting the right EBike

Which Bike?

“Choose an E-Bike experience that fits your body, your lifestyle and your sense of adventure”
Full Suspension? Size 20″- 24″ – 26″? Hydraulic Brakes? 2″ Tires? 4″Tires? 500 W motor? 750 Watt motor? Baskets ? Saddle Bags? Mirrors?

2 Simple Goals

“Ride safely and follow an experienced voice”

Is your body slowing down?

“Keep active to stay in the game an E-bike can help motivate to you to improve your condition”


Get a Ranger for $99 dollars down, $99 per month.
Bring it back next summer and get up to $700 toward a Bike upgrade.

Schedule some time with us on a call to learn about the right bike for you.
We can figure out how to get you on a bike this weekend.

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Step Thru Frame



Step Thru Frame



Step Thru Frame


What size E-bike is best for me ?

Size, Speed, Range, Weight and Age should be considered when selecting the right E bike


Go Beyond Yourself with Heybike – Elizabeth & David | Why Heybike

When you are tortured by illnesses, what would you do? Will you be passive for living, or start a new life bravely? In this episode, we interviewed Elizabeth and David. See what Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter have to say.

The Amazing Connection of Family – Christy & Ryder | Why Heybike

What a meaningful story behind the heybike: Christy & Ryder shared their experience using amazing heybike products, which help to show you that e-bikes are not just eco-friendly but also a great way to bond as a family.

Expand the Possibilities of Adventure – Andrew Ross | Why Heybike?

In this episode, we interviewed Andrew Ross in Temecula, CA. As a cargo pilot, he flies his bush plane all over the United States. After getting his Heybike, Mars, he began to expand the possibilities of the adventures that he can do and it’s made a huge difference.


Heybike Ranger S is a killer city cruiser with one unfortunate quirk. Heybike continues to produce quality e-bikes, and this one really packs a punch.

Heybike has officially unveiled its new Ranger S e-bike, a foldable step-thru frame that’s designed to be robust enough to handle any terrain. And at $1,499, it’s also seriously affordable

Heybike Tyson with fat tires and full-suspension, you’d expect this e-bike to feel like you’re riding on air, and it largely does

If you’re looking for an affordable commuter ebike with a powerfulmotor for climbing hills, a generous range and a long-lasting battery,the Heybike CityRun checks all those boxes and more.

Say goodbye to limited mileage and uninspired design with the Heybike Ranger S which has a cool, chunky, step-through frame for easier mounting.

Heybike Tyson with fat tires and full-suspension, you’d expect this e-bike to feel like you’re riding on air, and it largely does



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